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👏How to Make a Good First Impression When Selling Your Kirtland OH Home

How to immediately grab a buyer’s attention and make sure it stays there

When selling your home, first impressions matter. A potential buyer’s first impression of your property plays a big role in determining whether or not they inquire further.

Whether or not they are aware, buyers are greatly influenced by their first impression of a respective home. In fact, the average house hunter will often decide within a few seconds if they are interested in a property.  

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If you want to sell your Kirtland OH home fast, make sure it’s appealing.

Your goal is to help buyers make a positive emotional connection with the home and instill the urge to make it theirs.

Here are some simple and inexpensive things you can do to ensure that your house makes a great first impression that beckons potential buyers.

A well-groomed exterior

A home with an impressive curb appeal will command a higher price and will take less time to sell. Remember that buyers want to see a welcoming and polished exterior. The walk-up to your house should be inviting.

Make sure to stay on top of your lawn and driveway maintenance. Keep areas like driveways and other exterior elements clean and neat-looking. While you’re at it, consider giving your front door, garage door, and gutters a fresh coat of paint.

A warm and inviting interior

Continue to make a great first impression as buyers make their way inside your home. There are many interior enhancements that can make your home aesthetically pleasing.

  • Make sure all rooms are free of any clutter.
  • Put extra furniture in storage.
  • Make sure all plumbing and electrical systems are in working order.
  • Replace cracked or broken windows.
  • Clear kitchen and bathroom countertops.
  • Refinish wood floors if they need to be restored.
  • Replace missing molding.
  • Eliminate pet odors.
  • Wash away smudges from walls and touch up the paint as necessary.
  • Remove personal items that make the house still feel and look like yours. This will allow potential buyers to imagine themselves as the future homeowners.

Up-to-date maintenance

Creating a great first impression also involves tackling unfinished repairs and projects. Over the years, it’s easy to miss a lot of the wear and tear that happens to your home.

Take time to address issues like leaky taps, blown bulbs, and chipped paint. Repair anything that is broken.

The kitchen and the bathroom will likely get the most attention from homebuyers. Make sure that you fix minor issues such as broken drawers or cabinet doors, repairing any damaged countertop laminate, and replacing any broken hinges.


Even if you’re in a market where properties are selling quickly and for full asking prices, it is still imperative to prepare your home and prove to buyers that it is worth every penny you are asking for.

Let me help you sell your home fast and for the highest price possible!

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