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5 Tips for Selling Your Mayfield Heights Home During the Holidays

Attract buyers to your home with these helpful holiday selling tips!

No matter the season, selling a home is not an easy task. During the holidays, however, the added pressure of getting top dollar for your home in the quickest time possible can easily get any Mayfield Heights homeowner too stressed to even notice the bright and festive lights of the holidays.

Don’t fret. You can actually use the holiday season to your advantage.

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Benefits of selling your house during the holidays:

  • It’s a chance to show to your potential buyers what it feels like living in your home filled with fun holiday cheer. This is a great selling point as they can easily envision themselves sharing special holiday moments in your Mayfield Heights home for sale with their entire family.
  • Less competition, motivated buyers. Anyone who actually takes the time to look around for a home during the holiday season is serious about buying now. Instead of planning and attending parties or organizing getaways for the family, these prospective buyers are spending time shopping for a new home. Plus, because most home sellers wait for spring or summer to sell, there is reduced inventory in your local real estate market, meaning you get less competition and can price more aggressively.
  • Another benefit of selling your home during this time is the tax benefit that comes with a chance of closing escrow by the yearend. Most of the time, sellers can deduct property taxes, points, and interest for payments made by the 31st of December.

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How do you sell your Mayfield Heights home during Christmas?

  1. Deck the halls!

Give your home a jolly holiday boost in decorations – but don’t go overboard. Make sure that your ornaments aren’t too loud and over-the-top that instead of highlighting the spacious living room, it makes it look too crowded. Be sure that your Christmas tree is a good size and in proportion to the other furniture and accessories in the home.

  1. Clean your yard.

Curb appeal is an essential part of selling your home. Who would want to buy a real estate property when they can’t even get through because of the snow in your front yard? Always think of the safety of your buyers by making sure that the walkways or your stairs are free from snow and ice. Also, keep your outdoor decorations simple. You want the buyer to see your home, not how much you spent on outdoor Christmas lights.

  1. Make it cozy.

Offer homemade holiday treats. Play classical holiday tunes. Make your potential buyer want to stay longer inside your home because this allows them more time to spend admiring the best features of your home for sale.

  1. Don’t fill your closets with unwrapped Christmas gifts.

One of the things that buyers ALWAYS do is look in closets. They want to know just how much storage your home offers so they open shelves, doors to your walk-in pantry, and other storage spaces.

  1. Hire an experienced REALTOR® to work with.

You need a real estate agent that won’t suddenly disappear for a holiday event. By working with a reliable REALTOR® in Mayfield Heights, you can enjoy selling during the holiday season with less worry and stress.

You want to work with a real estate agent who has years of experience – and I can help you with that.

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