Lot in Painesville Concord Ohio Sale - Now is your chance to build whatever you want!

VL Painesville Warren Rd Concord Ohio 44077 | Vacant Land for Sale

Now is your chance to build whatever you want!

Sitting south of Painesville in the green town of Concord Ohio is a large lot for sale.

This 4-parcel lot oversized 20 acres and abut the Lake Metroparks Greenway Corridor and Lake Metroparks. It also features a paved private drive that is to be maintained by all the properties that share in it.

The scenery in these parcels are just amazing. With 3 of the parcels perched 80 feet above sea level, it is a guarantee that each view is breathtaking.

Concord Ohio Lot for Sale

This lot can be an exclusive site for your home with its convenient location near the city!

While the lot is set in an area that is private, it is also not too far from the city of Painesville. In fact, the city is only an 8 minute drive from here!

How wonderful it would be to be able to visit the city of Painesville from time to time to look around and when you get tired, you can head home to your private spot! Just imagine!

Take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to surround yourself in nature. To help you with decision-making, I am here and will be with you to guide you from start to finish! You can learn more about me at www.ChristinePappas.com/about/.

It’s time to make those real estate dreams come true!

Have you thought about building your own house but can’t find a place for it? Maybe you’ve always wanted to open up a business or just have a piece of land as an addition to your portfolio?

Whatever the reason, this land at Painesville Warren Rd is surely the perfect one for you.

If you’ve always wanted a home surrounded by trees and nature, this one has it. Set your home in this lot and you’ll wake up every morning to a scenic view of the sunrise peeking through the branches of the trees while you drink your morning coffee and enjoy the cool breeze!

As an investment, getting this lot is like hitting the jackpot. Since it is not too far from the city, opening up a business of some sort would be a very smart move because visitors don’t have to travel very far from the city just to get to your spot.

Special places like these are the types that sell fast, that’s why you should definitely come and see it today.

I am Christine Pappas, your real estate consultant for Concord OH. I have been in this field for 18 years and that’s why you can be sure that all of your real estate needs are not only accounted for, but also considered the main priority always.

Buying or selling a home is the largest financial investment or sale that you can make and I want to make that decision as clear as possible so that you can live comfortably without any worries! Call me now at 216-956-7635 and let’s get started!

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